Which Books Are Best For Olympiad Preparation?

Olympiad Preparation

Introduction :

Hello Parents !! Are you preparing your children for Olympiad exams ? But unsure about which books to choose for cracking them? Parents, we are here to offer you the top five books that will help your children achieve in the Olympiad. We have selected top-notch books that will enhance your child’s career and improve their chances of achieving a high rank in the Olympiad exam.

Math Olympiad Contest Problems” by Richard Kalman, Bruce Bukiet, and Nicholas J. Restivo

Picture your child diving into a world of mathematical puzzles and challenges. This book is like a treasure map leading them to mathematical mastery. With its variety of problems covering everything from algebra to geometry, it’s the perfect companion for any budding mathematician aiming for success in the IMO.

“English Olympiad Companion” by Mohit Mukherjee

Say goodbye to boring grammar lessons! This companion is more like a friendly guide, helping your child navigate the vast sea of English language skills. From improving vocabulary to acing comprehension, this book has it all, ensuring your child feels confident and ready to tackle the EIO with ease.

“Science Olympiad Foundation’s Instant Practice Material”

Imagine your child embarking on a scientific adventure, exploring the wonders of the world through engaging practice material. These books are like portals to a world of discovery, offering hands-on activities and challenging questions that will prepare your child to conquer the ISO with flying colours.

“General Knowledge Olympiad Companion” by Saurabh Singhal

Let’s make learning fun with this exciting companion! Packed with fascinating facts, trivia, and brain-teasing puzzles, it’s sure to spark your child’s curiosity and expand their knowledge horizon. From current affairs to historical events, this book has everything your child needs to ace the GKIO with confidence.

“Challenge and Thrill of Pre-College Mathematics” by V. Krishnamurthy, C.R. Pranesachar, K.N. Ranganathan, and B.J. Venkatachala

Get ready for a maths adventure like no other! This book is like a secret weapon, arming your child with the skills and strategies needed to tackle even the toughest maths problems. With its collection of mind-bending challenges and detailed solutions, it’s the perfect training ground for future maths wizards aiming for success in the IMO.


By bringing these books into your child’s life, you’re not just preparing them for exams, you’re nurturing their passion for learning and empowering them to reach their full potential. So, what are you waiting for? Dive into these books, unlock your child’s potential, and watch them soar to Olympiad success! You want your child to have a good career at Olympiad Academy, IIT, and the NEET Foundation. Sri sai ram school gives the best education for your child’s career to help him achieve their goals. Admissions are Open in Progress Srisairamhighschool.com  

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