Physical Development

Physical Development

“Ability without opportunity is of no avail”

Every child is given ample chance to bring out his/her hidden potentialities both in literary and cultural activities such as Music, Dance, Drama, Debate, Education, Essay-writing and so on. Yoga and Meditation are for the synchronization of mind and body. Intensive training by experts is given in skating.

Children explore nature and supplement knowledge through picnics and Excursions in which Education, Enjoyment, and cooperation with one another are fostered.

Though academic excellence is aimed at, it is also necessary that the child is given an opportunity to relax his/her mind. Events like sports day, annual celebrations, inter-school competitions, science fairs, etc. are conducted every academic year.

The national and religious festivals are celebrated with great spirit and zest adding colour to life at school. Students are encouraged to participate in the aptitude tests to improve their I.Q.

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