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Allied Programs

Explore a world of creativity and innovation with Sri Sairam High School’s diverse array of allied programs. From enriching Arts & Craft sessions to dynamic Physical Education & Sports activities, and engaging Leadership Programs, we provide a holistic educational experience that fosters growth, development, and leadership skills. Join us as we inspire students to discover their passions and unleash their full potential.

Art & Craft

At Sri Sairam High School, we nurture creativity and self-expression through our vibrant Arts & Crafts program. Students explore various mediums and techniques, fostering their artistic talents and imaginative abilities.

Physical Education & Sports

Our Physical Education & Sports curriculum promotes holistic development, instilling values of teamwork, discipline, and healthy living. Through a diverse range of sports activities and fitness programs, we empower students to excel both on and off the field.

Leadership Activities

We foster leadership qualities in students through a range of engaging activities. From student councils to community service projects, we provide opportunities for students to develop essential leadership skills, empowering them to become confident and responsible leaders in society.

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