Sri Sairam High School follows the comprehensive and continuous evaluation process. Based on the intellectual development of a child in language skills, there is vocabulary building through action words, picture reading, etc. In the case of spoken skills, encouraging the child to speak in English, keeping in mind the National Curriculum Framework (NCF), the curriculum of Sri Sairam High School has been designed to meet the higher, middle, and primary level syllabi requirements. Hence the course of study has become student-friendly and interactive in nature.

Home Assignments

Project work and study skills are as important as the other components in a unit we conduct the weekly tests/project work wherein the teacher will give a possible writing task. So, that the child can attempt it individually and present it before the group/class.


Learning and teaching is a never-ending process. Progress of the student is tested by four assignments, four-unit tests, and their terminal examinations every academic year.

Study hours

In addition to the normal school hours, we provide additional academic support to the slow learners through remedial study – hours after school hours. Additional staff are appointed to look after the academic welfare of these students.

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